What are Himalayan Yak Chews for dogs?

What are Himalayan Yak Chews for dogs?

Yak chews are a centuries-old natural chew made from yak’s milk. They were first developed in Nepal by yak herdsmen who were working in the Himalayas and needed an easy way to get a high level of protein for themselves. Nowadays, yak chews are also used as natural dog chews and are made with the same simple recipe: yak’s milk and lime juice.

Yak chews are safe, healthy and extremely durable. They are essentially a very hard cheese chew. Yak chews put off a very minimal odour. Yak chews are great for dental health, helping fight plaque and tartar and contain the highest protein & calcium content with minimal fat. Plus there are no chemical binding agents - Yak Chews are made from all 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives whatsoever.

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